Mutual Respect

Promoting respect and increasing awareness about intimidation

‘ Intimidation – A Solution: Love and Accept Others As They Are!

Animated cartoon of awareness recorded at the Quebec Diocesan Services in May with students from St-Lawrence College and St-Patrick High School in Quebec City!


Our goal is to provide, free of charge, both help to those being intimidated and awareness about intimidation to those who perpetrate it.

The school principal, a teacher, a peer can intervene in a situation of intimidation. However, those being intimidated have not necessarily learned how to react adequately in situations of intimidation. The long-term solution rests with helping those being intimidated to develop their autonomy in the growth of their self-esteem and their affirmation of self, in a non-violent manner. These are the keys to putting and end to the scourge of intimidation!

« Love brings forth freedom »

« Intimidation hurts! It is essential to act at the right moment and in a pacific manner to put an end to it!”